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Hallows Eve Treats

So it is that time of year again, and I thought I would share my favourite radio plays--with links to listen to them. I have a few movie and author recommendations too.

These are all from "The Whistler" who has an amazing collection of those that are in the public domain, with fascinating information on all the productions and the creators and actors in them. You can scroll through all of his files using the sidebar (where it says 86 featured lenses). I could go on forever about my favourite shows (including The Whistler, Lights Out Dark Fantasy, Escape, The Shadow, X Minus One and The Mysterious Traveler among others), but I will post just a few just this:)

Three Skeleton Key -- featuring Vincent Price (from Escape)


This one is not for the claustrophobic, as it is set in a very small lighthouse.

The Organ (from Lights Out) h


An excellent haunted house story, that is genuinely disturbing. At least I thought so, and I have been watching horror movies since I was 8..lol

No list would be complete without Ray Bradbury, so I decided to add "The Sound of Thunder" A classic about chaos theory and the dangers of time travel. If you can find it, I highly recommend reading "Something Wicked This Way Comes" and watching the Disney adaptation of the novel--the casting is wonderful, and Jonathan Pryce is fabulous as the carnival master. Apparently Ray Bradbury said he thought it was one of the better adaptations of his books. "The Halloween Tree" is lovely as well, but I am a self-confessed Bradbury fanatic;)

A Sound of Thunder (Ray Bradbury Theatre)


According to The Whistler "The Thing on the Fourble Board" is considered one of the best plays that Quiet Please ever produced. I tend to agree with that. A fourble board is not what you think it is either;)

The Thing on the Fourble Board (Quiet Please)


I would be remiss if I didn't add something by H.P Lovecraft for all the Cthulhu, so I am posting "The Dunwich Horror"

The Dunwich Horror (Suspense)


I am probably repeating myself here, but I thought I would add some of my most beloved horror movies. I watch everything, from beautiful classic silent films, to awful b-movies. Horror films are my comfort food, and I will watch Hellraiser or The Changeling (among others) the way some would watch a comedy. I am just wired oddly that way.

The Changeling  A quiet ghost story with a wonderful performance by George C. Scott. This will get under your skin when you least expect it, and this one gave me nightmares when I was younger.

Beauty and the Beast and Orpheus by Jean Cocteau. A cocteau film is like walking into a dream. You will always find something beautiful or disturbing in them, and every little detail has meta in it.

The Last Man on Earth Classic based on I am Legend by Richard Matheson, featuring Vincent Price.

Masque of the Red Death I love the idea of death stalking an evil count (Vincent Price in multiple roles)

Pit and the Pendulum Roger Corman version of Edgar Allan Poe's classic with Vincent Price (I know, I love Vincent, sorry)

The Bat (1926 silent film) This one I found as a gem on a horror compilation. A criminal terrorizes some people in an old mansion. THis one hasn't been restored, so if you find it, it is a little rough. Still has some beautiful b&w shots.

Nosferatu (F.W. Murnau classic 1922) Max Shrek as the iconic Count Orlock. They couldn't call it "Dracula" due to copyright infringement and a battle with Stoker's family, from what I understand.

Let the Right One In I love the original Swedish version of this film, although I didn't mind the remake. The alienated theme running throughout is touching and incredibly well done. I think it might be a new classic.

The Devil's Backbone and Chronos by Guillermo Del Toro The first is a ghost story set during the spanish civil war, and the second a vampire tale with an original twist that I had never seen before. The little girl in Chronos will steal your heart--just as a warning. Both films are spanish, but do have subtitled versions.

Dreams -- Akira Kurosawa A series of short faerie tales, that are as stunning and well-written as anything this master has created. I particularly love "the Blizzard" and "Sunshine Through the Rain"

Spirited Away and Princess Mononoke by Hayao Miyazaki -- The man is a treasure, that is all I will say.

The Company of Wolves Based on the short story collection "The Bloody Chamber" by Angela Carter. Very dark faerie tales with a psychological theme.

Am abbreviated list of my favourite horror writers: Dan Simmons, Clive Barker, S.P. Somtow, Samuel M. Key (pseudonym of Charles de Lint, whose urban fantasy also contains horror themes), Peter Crowther's collection" The Longest Single Note", Neil Gaiman,  and the works of the brother's Grimm. There are many others, but those are the main ones that come to my weary mind..lol

As I said, I could go on forever, but I tried to throw out a few movies and radio plays that maybe you haven't heard of. I hope you enjoy them:) I am off to watch and listen to as many dark tales as I can..lol If you have any favourites, please leave them in the comments--I would love to hear them! I apologize if there are any grammatical or spelling errors I missed, since I watched Don Giovanni with a friend yesterday, and then went to a party until the wee hours;)


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Oct. 31st, 2011 07:31 pm (UTC)
You seem pretty strange and twisted judging from the stuff here.

"Princess Mononoke" - but this has the word "Princess" in the title. Why is this in your horror list?

"The little girl in Chronos will steal your heart"
--- I don't think i want my heart stolen...how can i watch other movies if i am dead? And does a hand come out of the movie to do so? I didn't think they had 3D tech when this came out.
Have fun
Lurking (Troll) Wombat
Oct. 31st, 2011 08:28 pm (UTC)
I never claimed to be normal--boring!;)

I can arrange for you to have a 3D experience, of the violent sort:P

So I wore my black victorian lace dress today, and black jewelry, tights, corset. I told Rosemary and Kathryn I was in mourning for a lost age--I just haven't figured out which;) I told Jennifer about your costume as well, and she thought it was inspired.

Edited at 2011-10-31 08:58 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 1st, 2011 03:16 pm (UTC)
Thank you:) I hope you enjoy whatever you fancy! I forgot to add The Whistler's website, so here you are:

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