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Ron Sexsmith and Frightened Rabbit

Two brilliant albums out today. Ron is one of my favourite songwriters (and so brilliant live), and Frightened Rabbit are just as stunning. They will both creep in and break your heart before you know what has occurred.

Ron's new album Forever Endeavor is lush with strings, and has something of a 1950s vibe (which is the era he wishes he was born in, as he loves the music so). I am over the moon that he answered three of my questions today during a Q&A for the new album on Twitter (the music-era thing was one of mine). He also warms up before a show to Bing Crosby, loves Buddy Holly, reads Leonard Cohen, drinks scotch, is beyond humble, and would live in Ireland if he couldn't live here in Canada. He was also afraid that when a documentary for one of his previous albums came out it would be the end of his career, because everyone would be tired of seeing him. You see why I love him (besides his glorious music), yes?

I don't know how to describe Frightened Rabbit, other than to say they are insane Scotsmen who write haunting and unflinching music. Their new effort is called Pedestrian Verse.

I would quote lyrics from either album, but I am afraid I would paste every single word here...lol