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Ghosts in the Walls

Title: Ghosts in the Walls
Author: ciaranbochna
Length: 430
Rating: PG

Characters: Loki, mentions of OC and Yggdrasil
Warnings: Mild violence
A/N: Follows Six Inches Deep and a Touch of Light, Wyrd, Three at the Beginning, and The Well. Title from this song - go listen, it is brilliant. http://store.caseystratton.com/track/ghosts-in-the-walls

The air tastes of confinement, and rage.


“Who?” Loki feels ancient stone, a silent courtyard, and a sun warming a central fountain. A fountain he filled with earth and planted life in millennia ago.

“Yes, Borghild?"

“Why haven’t you come? She said you couldn’t, but I don’t understand. They are only walls. You could-“

“I could, my hidden love, but that would give everything away. You have grown so much, but it is not yet time.”

Loki turns his head towards the wall, his expression blank, eyes closed. He can feel the watchers, but not even Heimdall can pierce the veil woven about the child of a god and Yggdrasil. Borghild is safe in the ancient city, though Loki understands the loneliness. Even with a star, water, and Yggdrasil for conversation, there is no substitute for touch.

A blade of fire pierces the back of Loki’s skull. He grinds his teeth together, and digs his hands into the stone beneath him. He can feel chips of stone cut deep into his palms before the hole closes over. An impenetrable cell, just for him. Loki smiles and tastes the familiar bite of iron before the pain vanishes. He slumps, opening his eyes in shock.

“Borghild? What have you done?”

“You are my mother, and my father, just as Yggdrasil is. I know the runes, and you cannot heal yourself in this cell. Would you let me bleed in your place?

Loki stares at the palms of his hands, where no scars can be seen. He remembers the blood, and the aneurysm that was pooling in his skull (lingering gifts from Thanos), but none of the pain remains. He doesn’t know the last time anyone gave him such a gift, without expectation. Or thought him worth the effort.

“Never. You should go Borghild.  My jailers become suspicious. What you have given me is – “

“I love you father. I will call for you soon.”

Loki is grateful they have taken his ability to speak.

“Farewell, my gift. We will stand together in time.”

Loki hears another voice, A tree with far deeper roots.

“She is well. I will watch in your place.”

Loki breathes his thanks. He turns his head toward the glass.

“Dreams. We all suffer those, don’t we?” Loki’s words appear on the glass, and fade quickly.

His guard snots, and walks away.

Loki can play civil, helpless. It is too easy. He slides down the wall until he is lying on his back.

We suffer dreams, and so much else. Loki closes his eyes and listens to the desert wind blowing in new leaves.


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May. 29th, 2013 06:33 am (UTC)
Very cool.
May. 29th, 2013 06:56 am (UTC)
Thank you.
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