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Title: Metallurgy
Author: ciaranbochna
Length: 320
Rating: R

Characters: Loki, mentions of Thor
Warnings: Mental illness, depression, internalized violence and self-loathing

It was flavoured bronze. Copper, zinc and tin are elegant when burned together. You can create wonders from such metal. Forge. Wires.  Molten bones and cinnamon gravity.

Gravity isn’t to be trusted. It is a beggar’s con, one that will never work again. He inverts gravity now. Whatever he wishes is drawn to him. When language becomes useless (hadn’t he learned that lesson in infancy?) he knows other ways. Beneath his skin the runes tell him yesterdays, tomorrow, the unbearable needles of the present.

Separation. Consciousness from pain, emotion from secrets. The seeds of Idun’s tree. The ragged fracture of what he is. After the frost, after falling, Thanos.

Every good monster deserves fudge in G major with augmented 7th chords.

Composition of a life. There are paths now. Rooms. Walls of starfire and void. Inside a thousand years of darkness (or so Thanos said he had kept him). Told him of things he refused to…Room 25.

Room 117. A morning under ice. The first house he built with magic, first to fall under his brother’s – no, Thor’s - foot. The white room. Involuntary noise, pathetic chatter, sounds he can’t control. The yellow room.  Will be rewritten until it stops whimpering. The blue room. Bleach and ozone, something regarding…laughter, intricate fragile boundaries of...apathy.

There are thousands of branches, corridors. Possibly more. Each with endless doors. Some are purposely lost, others are wounds with numbers redacted. Some warp with the force within. All are locked. Every night, broken. His skin is haunted, but to remember, grasp - horror.

He remakes what is left to him. Golem by choice. God, once a partner in death. Controls what he can, buries what he cannot. Days the rooms smolder, melt like mercury, phosphorus, the lights in his skull. He wars to keep himself tethered.

Loki will choose a day, when complacency bows the world low. Then his rooms will run, and such wondrous conversations they will have.


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Jun. 7th, 2013 06:09 am (UTC)
Very cool, and intricate. Well done.
Jun. 7th, 2013 06:30 am (UTC)
Thanks!(I wasn't sure it would come together properly). Entropy and the absence of things have their place.
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