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Title: Hagalaz
Author: ciaranbochna
Length: 120
Rating: R

Characters: Loki, mentions of Odin, Freyja, Thor, Hela, Jorgmungand, and Fenrir.
Warnings: Mentions of violence, Ragnarok
A/N: Written for this prompt from tigriswolf oncomment_fic "Avengers movieverse, Loki, burn everything you love, then burn the ashes"

Shattering isn’t enough; it implies pieces left behind. He removes the barest trace of their existence—from memory, thought, dreams. Not even a whisper to conjure a story. He has always been very thorough. Odin’s shining example writhes inside him.

Odin, Thor, Freyja (negligible to begin). His children, and finally...the least important, last.

He is the only one who recalls them now. All he senses: fire, blood, ragged words—

Grey/red under his nails, beneath his tongue the rune of ending grates. It is a simple matter to negate something that was not meant to live.


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