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Inverted Glass

Title: Inverted Glass
Author: ciaranbochna
Characters: Loki, Odin, Yggdrasil
Disclaimer: I own neither the characters nor the world.
Warnings: Mental illness, mentions of violence, dysfunctional family
Length: 641
Spoilers: Thor 2: The Dark Wold

A/N: As ever, all of my Avengers/Thor fic is connected (I should probably come up with a name for this verse). This follows Unmaking

“It was never this easy when you could hear me. Of course, even the gag you used to silence me was amusing. I was ten when I stopped trying to speak, do you remember?” He leans against the rough-hewn wall.  He can feel the roots protruding from the soil against his back.

“I don’t believe that you ever listened. Do you know I prefer you this way. Moth—Frigga always thought you could hear us like this, and I do hope you can .” He leans over the glass.

“Skuld gave birth to me. I suppose that is one tidbit Laufey never gifted you with.” He laughs and begins pacing the chamber.

“As the old tales say I am—“ Loki spins and bows to the centre of the chamber. “A child of the Norns. Well, one of them. Yggdrasil and I are such confidants.” He laughs once, but his face relaxes slightly. "But I am not beholden to them. Laufey told me that. I will bring you ruin, but not because it is prophesied. But because I wish it."

“So much time I spent there, beneath those branches. Near Urðarbrunnr. Why am I telling you anything of this? I can hear the scorn, Odin, even in your sleep. I know you will use it against me later. That and the fact I’ve so easily taken your place. Oh, it was a struggle at first. You are incredibly pompous. It’s really very difficult not to laugh, but I know you aren’t the sort. I know that, no matter how I tried to make you.” Loki pulls himself up on the glass and leans his head back to stare at the ceiling.

“All you saw in me was something unmade, a form you could twist to your plans. Kings always plan the long game. I too know shapes, and exactly where to apply pressure to break them. The world is very fluid—did you realize? Much like taffy, or silk, slippery as some kind of aquatic creature. I thought you ought to know that your kingdom is in perfectly safe hands. Every day is a new mask. I am so adept at those. You once believe that I loved you. That, dear All Father, was my first illusion.”

Loki leans on his side, ear to the glass. He can hear Odin’s heartbeat. Once every five minutes.

“I envy you your sleep. I enjoyed it, once upon a millennia. The beasts that haunt you there are difficult to escape. The subconscious is a dreary place. I prefer this universe, the colourful way it bleeds, and Asgard. You have left me so many wonderful pieces to play with. Loki watches the light play on Odin’s chest. It organizes into a spike, testing the glass above it.

“Oh, I am afraid that there is no way out. The runes keeping you in slumber are entirely new. Bones are easily broken, as you did mine so very often. But these—“

Loki breathes on the glass. The runes flare over the coffin containing Odin. There is no space between them. They flow down the glass, over the stone pedestal, and climb the walls around the cave. Loki sees them writhe on Yggdrasil’s roots.

“You will find no help here. I have reinvented language to tie you beneath the world tree. And Yggdrasil and I are family.”

Odin’s finger vibrates.

“No, your precious Thor is safe. I have other things in mind. If you will excuse me, I have a kingdom to run. I will visit you again. It can be so quiet here. I might even deign to tell you a story. In the void I composed so many. Sleep well Odin. It is a pleasure to see you so vulnerable.”

Loki taps the glass and vanishes through the wall. Yggdrasil is the only one who hears Odin’s scream of rage.


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very nice. You should write the script for Thor 3. Since I can see the dialogue in play, it should be up on the screen. :)
Nov. 19th, 2013 10:20 pm (UTC)
Thanks, but definitely not..lol
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