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Interesting Definitions

So I borrowed a book from Wombat, and found quite a few strange and funny definitions to words. If anyone is curious, the book is called "Depraved and Insulting English" by Peter Novobatzky and Ammon Shea. Here are a few that I just had to write down, then share.

Anaxiphilia--The act of falling in love with the wrong person  (so glad to know there is a word for that!)

Hypobulic--Unable to make decisions  (lmao, noooo not me, or anyone I know. *whistles*)

Hypomaniac--A person with a mental disturbance characterized by excessive optimism (You would not believe how loud I laughed at this, being a pessimist)

Ephemeromorph--Term used to describe the lowest forms of life imaginable, so low they cannot be otherwise classified. They are usually seen blocking intersections in their cars, or in the subway clipping their nails while taking up three seats  (That one is for Caffienekitty)

Ergophobia--Hatred, or fear of work (applicable to everyone I know)

Dysania--Difficulty getting out of bed in the morning (again, most I know, including me)

Mab--To dress oneself in a careless manner (usually happens after Dysania in my opinion:P)

Retropathic--Easily hurt emotionally (so if you are Retrograde Retropathic, does this mean you are hurt before you are even aware of it? Timetravel-related)

Seeksorrow--One who seeks to give themselves vexation (sounds like some sort of subspecies of crow to me)

Sneckdraw--One who stealthily enters a house, a thief. Hence, any sly, crafty person (looking in Wombat's direction)

Spuddle--To attend to trifling matters as though they were of the greatest importance (I figure we all know someone like this at work)

Symphoric--Accident-prone (this one was just for my clutzy self)

Twee--Overly cute (related to Twitter, or is that just annoying?)

Vertanda--Things that should not be done (mighty long list)

Zowerswopped--Foul tempered (any relation to Zowee?)

So that is it. Just had some fun laughing and pondering those;)


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May. 30th, 2009 05:45 pm (UTC)

so I'm an anaxiphiliac hypobulic ergophobic dysaniac symphoric seeksorrow? :D

(twee isn't related to twitter, it's just addictive :) )
May. 30th, 2009 07:26 pm (UTC)
Yep, now see if you can use that whole thing in conversation..lol I know it isn't related to twitter, but it sounded good;)

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