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End of Year Post

So this list is all faithbeckett’s fault. I don’t usually do these things, but miss Becky persuaded me;) It is a bit eclectic, but I am strange myself, as most of you know, so here we go!

Favourite Albums 2009

 Mostly alternative, indie or other, not much for mainstream really.

 Bat For Lashes—Two Suns   Like a faerietale done by Tangerine Dream, at least I hear a little influence there, love Natasha Khan—genius.

 Timber Timbre—Self-Titled. I think Taylor Kirk spend time in the 1930’s with Robert Johnson. The organic sound, spare arrangements, it just gets under your skin and won’t leave. Have used him in my SPN mixes;) And high five for being Canadian!

 We Are Smug—Side project by Darren Hayes and Robert Conley. Given to we fans for free download on DARREN’S birthday this year, because he is just that sort of sweetie. So much fun and joy I can’t even describe.

 Dragonette—Fixin to Thrill  Martina Sorbara and hubbie Dan Kurtz. Dance that will be stuck in your brain forever. Influences from everywhere, also Canadian

 Imogen Heap—Ellipse Anything she does is magic, trust me. Gorgeous.

 Florence and the Machine—Two Lungs. Drumming is in my head and will never leave. Brilliant debut.

 Brahms Sonatas for Cello and Piano—Yegor Dyachkov and Jean Saulnier. Yegor is a Canuck as well and maybe 20 years old. I almost leapt through the speaker when I first heard him play.

 Melissa Mclelland—Victoria Day More Can. Love her voice, songwriting, rhythm.

 Joel Plaskett—Three I can’t stop with the Canadians..lol Another singer-songwriter who also plays with a band—Joel Plaskett and the Emergency. Only heard of him this year, excellent.

 Sophie Millman—Take Love Easy  Voice like dark chocolate and whiskey. To hear her cover of Fever is to be spellbound, that and It’s Not Easy Being Green. Can Jazz.

 Metric—Fantasies I love Emily Haines, and anything she does.

 Micah—(A)Spera I don’t even know what to say here, Spanish/African drums, strings, folk. Just..yeah.

 Pilot Speed--Wooden Bones Most underrated Can band, seriously. Songwriting makes me weep.

 Polly Scattergood—Self T Another brilliant singer-songwriter. Yes, you are sensing a theme..lol

 Fever Ray—Self T Music to haunt you. Dark, grim, and the goth in me adores it.

 Prokofiev Piano Concertos—Vladimir Ashkenazy and Evgeny Kissin. Two of my fav pianists. Breathtaking.

 Muse—The Resistance I know this cd has had mixed reviews. But I appreciate artists that take risks, and I think it is brilliant.

 Horehound—Self T Jack White’s new project. Dirty blues and..something. Makes me tap my foot.

 Calexico—Carried to Dust  Beautiful folk/acoustic.

 Regina Spektor—Far

 Yeah Yeah Yeah’s—It’s Blitz

 Billy Talent—III Just revel in it, I do;)

 Sting—If On a Winter’s Night  Medieval arrangements, just lush music for the season.



 Life’s That Way—Jim Beaver Wrenching, but not without hope and humour. I couldn’t read it all at once, since it brings up memories, but absolutely one of the best books I will ever read.

 Nation--Terry Pratchett. I have no idea how he combines laughter, pathos and fun into each book, but thank gods he does.

 Odd and the Frost Giants—Neil Gaiman. This book will now be read every winter solstice. Norse mythology-- damn I love Neil.

 The Graveyard Book—Neil Gaiman There is a reason he won the Hugo for this. His reply when he found out—“fuck I won the Hugo!!”

 The Mystery of Grace—Charles De Lint Anything by this man is more than words on a page, it changes something inside you.


 Let the Right one In  Not a vampire movie in the traditional sense. Swedish film that will take your breath away—the young actors, cinematography. I own it, if that tells you anything..lol

 Star Trek--Fav quote:

 McCoy: Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence. 

Kirk: Well, I hate to break this to you, but Starfleet operates in space.

 My Bloody Valentine 3D—I have a love of horror, both good and bad, and seeing this in 3D with caffienekitty made it one of the best times I have ever had in a theatre. Didn’t hurt to see Jensen there either..ahem.

 Public Enemies—Gangsters and Johnny Depp. Dark, but so well done.

 Up—Laugh, and bring Kleenex

 Watchmen—Faithful adaptation of the comic I love, casting was excellent.

 Coraline 3D—Yes, I love Neil Gaiman, but just watch it—different from the book, but still wonderful.

 Knowing—A film by Alex Proyas(Dark City) so I was in. Quiet, heartbreaking sci-fi.

 Avatar—I will repeat my cheesy twitter comment. Like breathing for the first time, then the air leaves you in a rush of awe.



 Castle—Nathan Fillion in anything, but this is hilarious.

 Supernatural—well yeah:P

 Criminal Minds—Reid and and the gang, I just can’t look away.

 The Hour—George Strombolopolus Former Muchmusic VJ, Canada’s boyfriend, and the only late talk show I watch. He could interview anyone and I would tune in. Intelligent, funny, and can surprise the hell out of his guests with his inside knowledge. And yes, I also think he looks good in black:P

 Doctor Who--I am still in denial for David Tennant leaving. I cannot imagine the show without him, he lights up the screen, and has replaced Peter Davidson as my fav doctor.


That's It. I also want to add how much I cherish and adore all of you, and I wouldn't hold up without you:)

Blessings and light for the new year!!


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Jan. 3rd, 2010 05:56 am (UTC)
You are so sweet, glad it sounds interesting..lol That would have been a show to see, Regina and Ben Folds..mmm. The only things I have seen were years ago--Nightwish, then New Pornographers and Delerium before that. Yes, I need to go to more shows..lol

*Smishes back*
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