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Meme: Your Last Day on Earth

So I stole this from Mr. Jim Beaver, as he posted the link to his Facebook on Twitter;)

Okay, here's the proposition: It's your last day on earth. You get the following choices:

1. Last meal ever:  Wild Boar with veggies, coffee and dessert from "Friends"

2. Last DVD to watch: Tie between (yes I am cheating again) Wings of Desire, Roxanne, Beauty and the Beast(Cocteau) Casablanca, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away

3. One person outside your family (living or dead) to talk to: Keats, Thoreau, Loren Eiseley or Tuomas Holopainen

4. Last song(s) to hear:  Any of Liszt's Hungarian Rhapsodies (19 of them), Briar and the Rose by Holly Cole Trio and the Can Brass, When I am Laid in Earth(Jeff Buckley version)--Dido and Aeneas-Purcell, Brahms Sonata for Cello and Piano--Yegor Dyachov, In the Mood--Glenn Miller,  Fever--Sophie Milman,  Empty Bed Blues--Bessie Smith,  Lester Leaps in--Lester Young,  Stones in My Passway--Robert Johnson, BLuff--Pilot Speed,  Shells--Mirah, Tonight--Elton John, Fallen Angel or Unloveable(acoustic)--Darren Hayes,  Hole in Your Head(Bend to the Road)--Calexico,  Moon and Moon--Bat for Lashes,  
Secret Marriage, When the Angels Fall--Sting,  If I Had a Heart--Fever Ray, Warding of the Spirits, The Grace, Our Final Hymn--Neverending White Lights, Ghost Love Score,  Kuolema Tekke Taiteilijan, The Islander, 7 Days to the Wolves--Nightwish

5. Last words.: If time and space were fluid, nothing would be undone.



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Mar. 31st, 2010 06:11 pm (UTC)
you cheating cheater who cheats! :D

cool, have to steal this :) (of course that means thinking so less cool, but :D )
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