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Lucifer, Prince of Green Jello

Copyright, Jim Butcher as always:)

One of those words people with time and money can afford to use. If I tried to count all the overtime..Ok, now I am whining.

Figuring out where the dream messages come from, right. Starting to feel like I am trapped in that John Carpenter flick--the devil is made of swirly green jello--suuuuuure.

"Hey Bob, rise and shine."

"I do NOT shine Dresden. Well, maybe in comparison to your sorry ass."

"So I guess you don't want these, then." I started turning away, waving 3 paperbacks in my hand. There was a moan from behind me.

"For me?" Bob pleaded.

"You are a sad sorry excuse for the spirit of intellect Bob. If you want your smut...."

"Ok, ok. Gimme. Whatever you want Dresden, just pass it over."

I put the the books on the shelf beside the jittering skill and watched the pages of the first book start to fly.

"Hey! Work first Bob."

The orange flames in Bob's skull dimmed slightly. "Fine. But who the hell is Sherrilyn Kenyon?"

"You'll like it. I hear good things--like having a plot."

"Plot? I don't need  no stinking plot!"

I shook my head. "Just try it. There is smut in there, apparently very popular series."

"Whatever. I'll see. What do you want, oh my master?"

Bob. Sucking up. Creepy.

"I need as short a list as you can think of for weirdos that stalk you in your sleep."

"Were you watching that Carpenter movie again Dresden? I told you--"

"Shut up and be useful. The dreams have been going  on for a month now. I like my sleep used for, you know, rest. Not solving puzzles."

Bob's eyes glowed brighter. "Remember when you tried that Rubik's cube? Man that was fun to watch!" He glanced at my face. "So, Dreams. Well, there are incubi, succubi, some rogue loa--"

"Try to stick to ones that are trying to send messages Bob, and have nothing to do with sex." I pressed my fingers into my temples.

"I figure any way you can get some Dresden. You're not a monk you know." Bob winked.

"Do you like your books, Bob?" I moved toward the stack beside him.

"I'll be good! Don't touch  the precious!"

I rolled my eyes. "Done?"

"Yes, yes. There are always ghosts with unfinished business--but that is usually family related. So unlikely for you."

Bob paused
"Some faeries could do it--Mab.."

"No. I don't think she is really that subtle, do you?"

"Probably not." Bob conceded "Barrow wrights maybe, but we aren't near enough to any burial ground for that."

"Wait. What about other things tied to earth? Do you know of any that distance means nothing to?" I was getting an idea here.

"Other than faeries there aren't many powerful enough to extend--" Bob stopped and watched me for a moment.

"Wait. You aren't thinking.."

"The island. Demonreach." I shot back. "Bob, you've earned your books. I would kiss you, but that is just.."

"Harry, you just made a spirit feel nauseous, congratulations."

I laughed shortly and headed for the ladder. I heard rustling pages behind me.

"Well, this has possiblities." Then.. "Harry!"

I turned back.

"Don't go after it. Even the Gatekeeper warned you off. They don't know how powerful it is."

"I'll be fine Bob. Always am."

"Yeah, right." Bob muttered and continued rifling pages. "Moron, thy name is Dresden."

"Keep it up Bob." I called back.

I heard off-key whistling as i climbed out of sight.

That's it..
Comments appreciated:)


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Jun. 15th, 2009 05:40 am (UTC)
woot! more Dresden fic! :D

poor Harry, he really needs a vacation :(

Don't touch the precious!

love :D
Jun. 15th, 2009 06:17 am (UTC)
*Pats Harry* The man ALWAYS needs a vacation--but will never get one, since he is just too obsessed with saving everyone..lol Glad you liked the line--thought about it a couple of times, might be too much, but then figured wait, Bob is reallly over the top..lol

And as you know, I definitely don't have an intellectual crush on a fictional character, not me:P
Jun. 15th, 2009 05:22 pm (UTC)
dresden fic
Verry nice. want more fic on Dresden. May we see some Anita as well?? I am sure you have some thoughts on Richard you would like to put down. hmmmm?
Jun. 15th, 2009 08:26 pm (UTC)
Re: dresden fic
Noo, I don't really have any urge to do Anita, at least not right now. Will stick to this, or the possible SPN:P
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