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Moulding a New Image

Title: Moulding a New Image
Author: ciaranbochna 
Rating: R
Word Count: 803
Fandom: Sherlock BBC
Disclaimer: Do not own, just toying with the characters.
Warnings: Non-graphic descriptions of torture
Characters: Moriarty
Summary: "Everyone needs a hobby..."


Everyone assumes that you must be insane to enjoy breaking people apart. Not true. A human being is so much more interesting when shattered. Lets the mind assess individual parts, and then assemble them into new shapes. They may not always work in the same fashion again, but it always worth the effort.

People do fascinating things to avoid death. Betray everyone they love, promise you things they could never deliver, but that is not the most exciting thing.

It is the moment when you can hear their sanity shift, like tectonic plates sublimating behind their eyes. I can almost hear the shock as it separates. This is when I start to enjoy myself. After a person lets go of what they believe they were, only then can I start to prove my art.

Granted, it doesn’t always work in the end, and the failure rate is abnormally high, but it is a new puzzle every day. And I do become tired of running the business at times.

Everyone needs a hobby, and human beings are an endless source of amusement.



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Jan. 11th, 2011 12:48 am (UTC)
so I guess stamp collecting just won't cut it? :D

Jan. 11th, 2011 04:50 pm (UTC)
Afraid not..lol I could speculate on what he might collect, but I will refrain;)

I suspect I may have warded people off with this bit of writing..lol
Jan. 15th, 2011 11:08 am (UTC)
Interesting internal perspective of Moriarty. :-)
Jan. 15th, 2011 09:02 pm (UTC)
Thank you. It was that sort of day:P
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