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Like a Mountain--Sherlock Mix Part Two C

Last part of this section of the fanmix. The last part will follow eventually--I promise to have the torment resolved by the end;)

27. Like a Mountain—Timber Timbre

“Oh the mountain top, oh the visions stopped
And I will reap the locusts crop ‘cause I love you like a mountain.”

Sherlock’s belt stretches with the weight of the individual from it. The man dangles below the balcony alternately shouting and whimpering. Sherlock’s belt isn’t made for the size of the man it’s supporting; certainly not when he is only attached by one ankle.

Sherlock doesn’t actually remember making the decision to push him over, just the sensation of his vision clouding with fury. He assumes from the bruising around the man’s eyes that he must have punched him several times, but Sherlock recalls nothing. He doesn’t remember strapping his belt to the idiot’s ankle and letting him swing below the railing. The man isn’t enjoying the view obviously. Sherlock admires the scrollwork on the wrought iron railing as he wonders what he is forgetting.

Sherlock’s grip slips a centimeter at a time, but the Yard will be here shortly (sirens) so someone will come to pull the man up (it won’t be him). Sherlock cannot see a reason to rescue the screaming gunman himself (now he remembers the shot and threats).

“Sherlock. Let him up.” The familiar whisper behind him.

“John.” Sherlock collapses against the railing in relief. The belt slips in his hand. John kneels beside him to grab it and reel in Sherlock’s catch.

The gunman fired at John. Of course.

Sherlock will make sure they all remember John is his. He will carve the words onto anyone that tries to harm John—in ways they will be forced to pass on. 

28. How it Comes is How it Goes—Jay Malinowski

 “You don’t need to chase my ghost anymore
ghost in those cuts I used to see
Are the cuts you would see in me.”

Sherlock uses his scalpel (he always brings his own) to pare away a wafer-thin slice of flesh from the body he is examining. He places the piece of tissue on the slide and presses a small square of glass over the sample. The evidence of muscle cell deterioration is plain to see—even Anderson might not miss this one. He puts the slide into an evidence bag and leaves it for Molly to label.

Sherlock’s fingers have never faltered with the scalpel. Just as John never wavers in his expectations of Sherlock. When the room stills around them as John waits for him to become something more.

John is as adept with emotions as Sherlock is at deflecting them. But Sherlock isn’t immune to John. He isn’t sure he ever will be. John peels away every defense Sherlock throws at him, as if he knows there is something beneath it.

Sherlock doesn’t know how to defend against John. John is careful, quiet, stable, and unexpected. Sherlock knows the world and its noises, smells, taste. John slips though all of that to stand before Sherlock.

The weight of John’s patience is eroding Sherlock’s apathy, and letting the flood in.

29. Ara Batur—Sigur Ros

“You tried everything
Yes, a thousand times
Experienced enough
Been through enough
But you it was who let everything
Into my heart
and you it was who once again
Awoke my spirit”

There are locked rooms inside John Watson. Some that are deliberately walled off and forgotten.

Sherlock can hear the scratching behind the doors when John looks at him; hear the whispers through the keyhole. He knows because Sherlock has his own deleted rooms, and darkened hallways with burnt-out bulbs.

John listens to the stirrings in Sherlock’s hidden rooms. Sherlock can feel John’s back pressed against the doors. John is the only one he might let through.

30. Farewell—Apocalyptica

John found an antique porcelain teapot in the back of the cupboard. Sherlock is certain Mrs. Hudson put it there when he moved in to add some decorum. He never bothers to use it, that is what tea balls are for.

Sherlock stares at the tannin stains in the bottom of the teapot. He doesn’t believe in tea leaf readings, or finding meaning in the rings around the edge of the porcelain. He drags a finger through the gathered stains and studies his index digit. Sherlock drags the finger down his cheek and inhales the scent of Sun Moon Lake formosa tea. He smells the barest hint of the soap John uses.

Sherlock replaces the lid and puts the teapot back into the cupboard, pushing it against the back wall. He will preserve John as long as he can.

31. The Briar and the Rose—Holly Cole and the Canadian Brass

“I tried to tear them both apart
I felt a bullet in my heart
And all dressed up in springs new clothes
The briar and the rose”
And when I’m buried in my grave
Tell me so I will know
Your tears will fall to make love grow
The briar and the rose”

“It’s no wonder your wife left you, with all the time you spend at the Yard. Mind you, you could have just stayed home with all the good it does you. Without me you wouldn’t have been promoted. That new cologne isn’t working by the way; the front desk secretary already has a partner, and is very discreet about it. Which is more than I can say for most people. You—“

“Enough!” Lestrade steps close to Sherlock and grabs the lapel of his jacket.

Sherlock resists the urge to smile and waits for the shouting. This is what he needs.

“Violence is beneath you Lestrade.”

“Let me inform you of something this time Sherlock. He won’t come back unless you tell the bloody truth for once! Oh yes, you know all the ‘fact’s’ in the case, but you don’t have a damn clue about anyone close to you do you? Tell him you love him and get it over with. And stop trying to pick a fight with me to punish yourself.”

Lestrade steps back.

Sherlock’s breath starts to come in short bursts, and he is having difficulty standing. He shakes his head over and over, and turns to leave Lestrade’s office, but the room is a vacuum.

The days alone are like a room studded with razors, every moment is just another way to fall, and bleed.


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Jul. 4th, 2011 05:51 am (UTC)
Aaaaaaahh! Yeah, part three would be good for my nerves! O.O

So many brilliant bits in this, and a very thorough look inside Sherlock's head.
Jul. 4th, 2011 07:00 pm (UTC)
I did spend a while in there. Some bits flowed better than others. I think I may have scared people away with this one..lol

I will eventually fix it, promise;)
Jul. 13th, 2011 06:21 pm (UTC)
I agree with the above comment. The mix is brilliant, the music perfectly suited towards the emotions you're evoking, and the whole ensemble very addicting. Lovely lovely lovely.
Jul. 13th, 2011 07:08 pm (UTC)
Oh my. Well thank you I am glad you enjoyed it that much! I worry so about these things..lol
Aug. 5th, 2011 05:27 am (UTC)
Also reccing this. Same place. :-)
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